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The Iowa Department of Education released the final report of the Task Force on Teacher Leadership and Compensation on October 11, 2012. In response, ISEA Executive Director, Mary Jane Cobb released the following statement:

"First, as a member of the Task Force on Teacher Leadership and Compensation, I'd like to thank my colleagues and, in particular, the teachers who served so diligently in creating these recommendations. The ISEA recognizes that what we see in the final report is hope-hope that the Governor and the Legislature realize that this Task Force has done its job and developed innovative ideas to transform the teaching profession. We have come up with new systems giving teachers, the true experts in the field, a stronger voice in the direction of their classrooms and their schools. We know when teachers are directly involved in decisions affecting students, students win. With the recommendations in this report, we have opportunities to do great work. Now it's the Governor and the Legislature's job to fund the programs they have asked us to create and help move these recommendations forward."

Read or download a copy of the final report here. 10/11/2012

Talking Points 10/11/2012

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