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Who We Are

Our Purpose

Everything we do -- from lobbying for increased school resources to reaching out to build community support for our schools -- is designed to promote and support quality education. Together, we work to make sure that Iowa's public schools remain vital and strong and that our more than 500,000 students get nothing short of the best education possible.

Our Members

ISEA membership has remained steady throughout its long history. There are now over 34,000 education employees part of ISEA's education family. Most of our members are classroom teachers and other licensed professional staff, but we also have school support staff workers, retired teachers, area education agency employees, community college faculty, and future teachers among our ranks. We are an integral part of the 3.2 million member National Education Association with affiliates in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and schools located overseas.

Decision Making

The Delegate Assembly is the ISEA's chief policy-making body. The Assembly convenes each spring where some 500 elected delegates representing their local associations meet to chart the Association's direction, take positions on critical education-related issues, approve a budget, and elect statewide officers.

Between Delegate Assemblies, policy decisions are made by the 31-member ISEA Executive Board elected by geographic regions (UniServ Units). The Executive Board, under the leadership of the ISEA President, is responsible for carrying out Delegate Assembly directives and for overseeing the overall operation of the Association.

Our Staff

Under the direction of the executive director, the ISEA employs nearly 70 professional and support staff to implement our programs and services. The ISEA headquarters office is located in downtown Des Moines. UniServ staff members, working out of 10 Regional Offices throughout the state, offer on-site assistance to members.

Our Core Values

We value quality public education.
Democracy demands and students deserve a safe, accessible, equitable, and excellent public education.

We value professionalism in education.
An effective education system requires highly-qualified, respected educators focused on student learning and engaged in continuous improvement.

We value teamwork through membership.
Belonging to the Association demonstrates care for the collective needs of students, educators, and the community.

We value advocacy for the education profession.
Educators are most effective in a teaching and learning environment that provides them professional compensation, quality benefits, and respects the rights and responsibilities of all.

We value strong public engagement.
Effective schools require strong community support gained through sharing information, building partnerships, promoting advocacy, and influencing policy makers.

We value a proactive organization.
A vibrant organization requires visionary leaders and active members who advance shared goals.



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