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ISEA Staff

ISEA Headquarters Staff

777 Third Street, Des Moines, IA 50309
515-471-8000, 1-800-445-9358


Executive Division

Tammy Wawro,  ISEA President
Mary Jane Cobb, executive director
Janet Wilson, administrative assistant
Coy Marquardt, associate executive director for field services 
Roni Swift, director of affiliate services
James Smith, associate executive director for advocacy services
Drew Gosselink, associate executive director for business services
Lana Sohn, director of employee benefits and facilities


Advocacy Services

Christy Hickman, staff counsel
Jay Hammond, staff counsel
Robin Burkhalter, associate staff

Bargaining and Research

Adam McDermott, database/systems analyst
Jon Studer, advocacy specialist
Ellen Stone, associate staff

Business Office and Membership

Khay Lo, director of membership and support services
Corey Marquardt, network operations manager
Casie Tindell, associate staff
Melissa Kopaska, associate staff
Rodney Larimer, associate staff
Jill Burkle, associate staff
Craig Tingwald, associate staff


Jean M. Hessburg, public relations/membership specialist
Kimberly Hupp, associate staff
Mike Wiser, editor/communications specialist



Government Relations

Brad Hudson, government relations specialist
Melissa Peterson, government relations/research specialist
Alana Anderson, associate staff

Teaching and Learning

Cindy Swanson, teaching and learning specialist
Colleen Heinz, teaching and learning specialist
Rhonda Plimmer, associate staff

ISEA UniServ Staff


Northern Pride UniServ Unit-- Brenda Zahner, director; Denise Cook, associate staff

UniServ Unit Two--   Jason Enke, director; Beth Myers, director; Michele Nichols, associate staff

Lincolnway UniServ Unit-- Cindy Fitzgerald, director; Kathy Bosovich, associate staff

Mid-Iowa UniServ Unit-- Rick Moore, director; Alana Anderson, associate staff

Southwest UniServ Unit
-- Pat Shipley and Sara Dressel, directors; Marilyn Paul, associate staff

South Central Unit 8-- Suzanne Card, director; Kathy Bosovich, associate staff

State Unit Nine-- Carol Haupert, director; Shelley Bettis, associate staff

UniServ Unit Ten-- Todd Louwagie, director;  Jodi Erpelding, associate staff

Des Moines Education Association-- Greg Harris, director and Doug Smith, director; Kathleen Crouse, associate staff

Polk Suburban UniServ Unit-- Wayne Bauman , and Peri Van Tassel, directors; Aubrey Atkin, associate staff

Mississippi Bend UniServ Unit-- Lynette Claeys, director; Heather Brown, associate staff

JDC UniServ Unit-- Bob Brown, director; Traci Massman, associate staff

Geode UniServ Unit-- Myron Halverson, director; Shelley Bettis, associate staff

Siouxland UniServ Unit-- Bruce Lear, director; DeAnn Smith, associate staff

East Central UniServ Unit-- Jeremy Kunz and Jane Elerding, directors; Bobbi Carver, associate staff

Hawkeye UniServ Unit--Ray Feuss, director, Heather Hupke, associate staff

Northeast Iowa Education Unit-- Shelly Staker and Kevin McDermott, directors; Linda Alderson, associate staff

Great River UniServ Unit-- Toby Paone, director; Heather Brown, associate staff

Cedarwood UniServ Unit-- Kim Miller, director; Amy Like, associate staff



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