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Early Enrollment Membership Incentive Plan
In late April/early May, the NEA and ISEA offer an Early Enrollment Membership Incentive Plan where first-time, active employees can join but pay nothing until September 1. New members have access to the NEA's comprehensive Educators' Employment Liability Program as well as select NEA Member Benefits and ISEA discount programs. Contact your local membership chair or your
UniServ unit office for more information or to enroll.

When you join the Association (local, state, and national), you join forces with over 34,000 of your colleagues here in Iowa and 3.2 million educators nationwide. That strong membership base give us the strength, power, and resources to accomplish more together than any individual or small group can do alone.

Here are our various membership categories:

Professional Membership
Professional members include classroom teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses, and other professionals employed by K-12 school districts, area education agencies, community colleges, and state universities.

Form for Professional Membership
Just fill out this form completely and mail it to ISEA or your UniServ unit office.

Education Support Professional

Educational Support membership is available for currently employed school secretaries, classroom aides, custodians, food service, maintenance, and transportation workers.

Form for ESP Membership
Just fill out this form completely and mail it to ISEA or your UniServ unit office.


Our Student members are education majors attending Iowa colleges and universities.

Annual and Lifetime Retired

Annual and Lifetime Retired memberships are offered to retired individuals who were formerly eligible for professional or educational support membership.

Pre-Retired (I AM) Membership
Under the Inclusive Association Membership ("IAM") program, current ISEA members become "prepaid subscribers" to an NEA/ISEA Pre-retired Lifetime Retired membership.



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