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1. How do I request to have a specific class offered either in our district or online?
If you're interested in organizing a course in your locale, contact your UniServ director or ISEA's Teaching and Learning Specialists, Cindy Swanson or Colleen Heinz.

2. How do I go about accessing my Official ISEA Transcript? To obtain your transcript, go to the following link:  The site will ask for your email address and your BOEE Folder #.  For recent courses taken, you must allow up to 2 weeks after the course has been completed before requesting a transcript as we may not have your course information processed yet. 

3. Which colleges do you offer graduate credit through?
Graduate credit is offered through Drake University.

4. How many credits are each of your classes?
The courses are for 1 credit (15 seat hours).

5. How many hours are your classes?
Classes are 15 seat hours with 30 hours of work required to do outside of class.

6. How many renewal credits does it take to renew a teaching license?

  • Initial License: None; You need to gain successful teaching experience to convert to a standard license (2 full years in an Iowa public school or 3 years in any combination of public, private or out of state).  Credits earned during the initial license cannot be used for future renewals.
  • Standard License: Six (6)
  • Master Educator: Four (4)

    All need the Mandatory Reporter Certificate for Child and Dependent Adult Abuse.  This is not a renewal credit.

    Renewal credits can be any combination of Iowa licensure renewal credits or college credits from regionally accredited institutions.

    Credits should be taken during the term of the currently valid license or be no more than five years old.

    Renewal requirements for other types of licenses are listed on the renewal forms that can be found on the BOEE website:

7. How do I find out what classes are being offered?
Click here for complete information about the ISEA Academy classes

8. May an administrator or support person take a class and get credit?
Yes, an administrator or support person may take a class and get credit.

9. Will there be any more National Board financing or classes?
To find out more information regarding National Board Certification, click here.

10. How do I request an A Framework for Understanding the Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria book?
Danielson's Framework, based on a thorough analysis of the research on effective teaching, brings meaning to the Iowa standards. The cost of the book is $25, but ISEA members receive a $17.50 discount, reducing their cost to just $7.50.  Download an order form (pdf) or send an email request to Rhonda Plimmer.

11. Do you have a brochure about your classes?
No, we do not have a brochure, but if you click here, you will find information about the ISEA Academy classes, when they are offered and the cost for registration.

12. Who should attend the Journey to Excellence course?
This training is designed for trainers of mentors who are using Journey to Excellence learning projects and Mentoring Matters mentor skills.

13. How can I find out more information about the Teacher Quality?
In 2007, legislation established Teacher Quality Committees (TQC) in each school district and AEA. TQCs consist of equal numbers of teachers and administrators and are charged with allocating any Teacher Quality Professional Development funds, monitoring the various aspects of the Teacher Quality program such as evaluation, professional development, and mentoring and induction. ISEA has a variety of supportive materials and tools available. Recently a Teacher Quality Notebook was created by ISEA staff working with the Iowa Department of Education, School Administrators of Iowa and the Iowa Association of School Boards that contains copies of almost all, if not all guidance from the Department, along with training materials provided by the Department and ISEA, and copies of suggested agendas for use by TQCs and tools for monitoring evaluation, professional development, the use of professional development funds, and mentoring and induction.  Teacher Quality Notebook

14. How can I find my folder number or what kind of license that I am renewing?  
Just go to this web page: and type in your name.

15. May I substitute on my regular teaching license until my regular license expires?
Yes, you may substitute on your regular license in all subjects and at all grade levels.

16. If I go to a Substitute License from a Standard License and then later back to a Standard License, will I have to go through mentoring?  
No, you will merely have to renew your Standard License. But please note that if you accept a regular teaching job, you will have to renew your Standard License BEFORE you begin your duties as a full time or regular part time teacher; you cannot serve as a full time or regular part-time teacher on a Substitute License.

17. My Iowa teaching license expired several years ago, but I have not been teaching in Iowa or anywhere else; will I now need more credits (e.g. more than the six I needed before to renew a Standard License) or have to do anything else extra in order to renew my license? 
No, you will merely have to renew your license by meeting the renewal requirements for that license.

18. I had more credits than I needed when I renewed my license five years ago; may I use those credits to renew my license now?
No. Credit used for renewal of a license must be earned within the term of that license. The credits that you could have used at your last renewal would be too old to be used for this renewal.

19. My license expires in six weeks, and I still need one more credit; what can I do if my class won’t end by that time (or if there is no class that I can take)? 
You could apply for a one-year extension of the license. The fee is the only requirement for this license, but if one or more of your credits will turn five years old by the expiration date of the extension, you should send those transcripts with your application. We also have some online courses that you may be able to get taken before it expires.  Please check our ISEA Academy classes.

20.  What important programming changes are taking effect after July 1, 2015, for Licensure classes?All Drake University Extension Education courses offered after July 1, 2015, must be offered for EDMA credit. Drake EDMA courses must have 30 hours of outside work for each credit offered in the course. For example, if you register for a one-credit course (15 contact hours), there must be an additional 30 hours of work required to do outside of class. Instructors must also have a way to document or assess that work. Courses that start before July 1, 2015, can be offered for EDEX credit even if the course ends after July 1. Our ISEA Building a Better Teaching and Learning Committee (BBTLE) will be drafting procedures for this change as we move forward and will be shared with ISEA instructors.


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