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Teacher Quality Committees

The Iowa Legislature in 2007 established Teacher Quality Committees (TQC) in each school district and Area Education Agency. TQCs consist of equal numbers of teachers and administrators and are charged with allocating any Teacher Quality Professional Development funds, monitoring the various aspects of the Teacher Quality program such as evaluation, professional development, and mentoring and induction.

ISEA has a variety of supportive materials and tools available. ISEA staff members -- working in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Education, School Administrators of Iowa, and the Iowa Association of School Boards -- have created a Teacher Quality Notebook that contains guidance from the Department; training materials provided by the Department and ISEA; suggested agendas for use by TQCs; and tools for monitoring evaluation, professional development, the use of professional development funds, and mentoring and induction.

The following are sample documents that can be modified to meet the local needs of any Teacher Quality Committee:

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