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Resources for Parents

When parents are involved in their children's education at home, they do better in school. And when parents are involved in school, children go farther in school — and the schools they go to are better. Below are resources for parents to help their children get the most out of school.

National Education Association
Parent Partnership Resources

Families and Educators Working Together for Student Success
How families and educators can work together to help students transition to Common Core State Standards and achieve success.

Families and Educators Advocate for Student Achievement
Become an advocate for Common Core State Standards. Find out how you can support change outside the classroom that will help student achieve success inside it.

Iowa Department of Education
Information on Iowa education for students and families.

12 Conversation Starters on What Parents Want Teachers to Know

7 Things Teachers Want You to Know

BAM! Parents Radio
Today BAM Radio is the largest education radio network in the world offering programming from the nation's top education organizations and thought leaders and reaching a wide audience of people passionately commited to quality education.

PBS Parents
Check this site out for tips on fun parenting along with issues and advice.

U.S. Department of Education Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
Lots of well-organized and useful information for parents PLUS links to other interesting education-related web sites.

School & Learning Family Education™ Network
"FamilyEducation™ provides parents with educational printables, parenting ideas, expert family advice, arts & crafts projects, and many more activities for children of all ages (babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and K—12 children)."
Advice from experts and real moms for parenting your 6-9-year-old, school-age children.

Iowa PTA
Find out how to get involved in your school.

National PTA
Click here to see how parents can be educational partners.
Parents play a key role in preventing and responding to bullying. If you know or suspect that your child is involved in bullying, this site contains several resources that may help.

Helping kids connect smartly and safely. Parents can Ask An Expert for specific advice about how to handle your kids language in texts, cyberbullying, gaming, social networking, mobile devices, privacy, and more.

A Parents Guide to Internet Safety - FBI
This resource provides an overview of how parents can minimize the chances of  an online exploiter victimizing your child. Provides helpful definitions.



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