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Iowa Partners in Learning

The Iowa "Partners in Learning" is a volunteer coalition organized to promote public deliberation in Iowa. Several groups and individuals provide support for the Partners. The Partners in Learning is the organizing group for the National Issues Forums, a program of the Kettering Foundation, in the State of Iowa.

The Partners work with local and state groups to name issues, frame issues, and convene and conduct deliberative forums in local communities or multiple communities across the state. The results of the forums are used to inform and motivate citizens and provide a basis for future action.

The Partners have conducted forums on state and national issues, conducted public policy institutes to train forum moderators, conveners, and recorders, and conducted research on the deliberative process for the Kettering Foundation.

The Partners are prepared to train individuals and groups to assist in promoting public deliberation on difficult issues in school districts, communities, and across the state.

Divided We Fail: Are Leaders and Citizens Talking Past Each Other on Higher Education?

Educating for Democracy

Shaping Our Future - A year-long dialogue on Higher Education

Teaching Deliberatively Workshop
An Iowa Writing Project course for interdisciplinary teams of high school teachers, features attention to public issues and deliberative democracy while using writing to develop civic literacy as authorized by Iowa Core and national standards. Explore levels of implementation and high school transformation by bringing issue exploration and public deliberation into school curriculum and community life. Learn how to help students frame local issues for deliberation, and how to convene, moderate, record and report on local deliberative forums.


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