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"UniServ" is short for "Unified Service." And that's what the UniServ program is all about. While ISEA and NEA headquarters staff provide a wide range of specialized programs and services for members, our UniServ program is designed to bring those programs and services directly to the local level.

We have 25 highly skilled UniServ directors who work out of nine regional offices across the state. They are on-call to help with individual contract problems, negotiations, membership development, political action, or training activities. If you have a job-related question or feel that your rights may have been violated, help is only a phone call or email away.

Select your UniServ Unit below. Or, if you don't know your UniServ Unit, you can look it up by using the drop-down list to select your district, then clicking on the link provided to contact your UniServ Unit office. 




 Cedar  Wood  Lincolnway  South Central
 Des Moines  Mid-Iowa  Southwest
 East Central  Mississippi Bend  Northern Pride
 Geode  Northeast Iowa  Unit Two
 Great River  Polk Suburban  Unit Nine
 Hawkeye  Siouxland  Unit Ten




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