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Legislative Directory


The ISEA Legislative Directory is run by Capwiz, a product of GQ Roll Call, through an agreement with the National Education Association (NEA). You can use it to contact your legislators, view action alerts, find out who is running for office during an election (national, state, county, and city), and even send letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

Key quotes from

"CQ Roll Call provides essential intelligence and grassroots advocacy resources to take action. As the premier source of timely news, objective facts and analysis, and coverage of elections and the politics of legislation, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the legislative process and give our clients the tools they need to maximize their influence. We are the ultimate insider, and our unmatched network of relationships and expertise has powered the productivity of those who rely on us since 1945.

"As the leading provider of congressional news, legislative tracking and advocacy services, CQ Roll Call is the only media company that connects policy professionals and opinion leaders with the information and tools they need to understand and influence Congress.

"With the largest press corps on Capitol Hill, CQ Roll Call has earned a reputation for delivering comprehensive, accurate and objective congressional reporting. We help you track and understand the people, the politics and the process—and how these forces affect your interests. Moreover, CQ Roll Call provides an innovative array of channels to reach Capitol Hill, empowering private citizens and power players alike with the ability to position their message in front of members of Congress and their staff.

"A wholly-owned subsidiary of The Economist Group, CQ Roll Call was formed by bringing together three companies Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call and Capitol Advantage with histories nearly as rich as the people, institutions and legislation it covers.

"The visionaries behind these companies were Nelson Poynter, Sid Yudain and Robert Hansan. By establishing CQ, Roll Call and Capitol Advantage, each left an indelible mark on America's capital city. Though they shared great ambition and a keen entrepreneurial sense, each encompassed distinct views on how to change Washington for the better."




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