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Political Action

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It's a fact of life that every decision that affects education is a political decision. That's why the ISEA has developed a comprehensive program to help make public education issues an important part of the campaigns of candidates at all levels. Through our political action arm, ISEA-PAC, Association members interview candidates about their views on education-related issues, issue recommendations on which candidates are most supportive of public education, and work to help get pro-education candidates elected.

Your voluntary contribution to our political action arm, ISEA-PAC, gives us the strength and political influence we need to make a difference for students and public education in Iowa. It helps us elect candidates who have their priorities straight and who are willing to back up their talk with positive action.What's more, ISEA-PAC contributions help us help Iowans get beyond the campaign rhetoric and better understand what's really at stake.

Here's how ISEA-PAC works: We use an extensive interview and recommendation process to identify candidates who truly support educators and public education. Then, we disseminate that information to help our members -- and the public -- make informed decisions on election day.

If you have questions about ISEA-PAC, contact Brad Hudson or Melissa Peterson.

To donate to the Iowa State Education Association Political Action Committee (PAC), click the button below.


IOWA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTION GUIDELINES The Iowa State Education Association Political Action Committee is a Political Action Committee organized under the Laws of the State of Iowa and operates under the oversight of Iowa Campaign Finance and Disclosure.The ISEA PAC does not except contributions from Corporations, Banks, Credit Unions, and Insurance Companies.A contribution to the ISEA PAC is not tax deductible under Federal or State tax laws. A contribution can only be made in the name of the individual making the contribution. It is not lawful for an individual to give a contribution to another person so the other person may make the contribution. The ISEA PAC follows the reporting requirements of the Iowa Campaign Finance and Disclosure. ISEA PAC is required to collect names and addresses of all contributors that contribute in excess of $10 and is required to report the names and addresses of contributors that contribute in excess of $25.All contributions to the ISEA PAC are voluntary. Making a contribution or not to the ISEA PAC in no way affects an individual’s membership in the ISEA or any other business relationship to the Iowa State Education Association.


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