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Elections matter. Support the candidates that support your work and the students you serve.
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State Legislature Elections

State legislators are responsible for creating and shaping education policies that affect public schools within their states. These policies can include funding for schools, curriculum standards, teacher certification requirements, and other issues related to education.

State legislators also play a critical role in determining how much money is allocated to education from the state budget, which can have a direct impact on the resources available to schools and the quality of education that students receive. They also have the power to make laws and regulations that directly affect the education of students and teachers.

School Board Elections

Local school boards and community college trustee boards have a tremendous influence on the quality of education in your community. They determine education policy, funding distribution, professional salaries and benefits, and working conditions. Critical decisions are made at the local level and it is incumbent on the men and women who work in public education to advocate for candidates who support strong public schools.

Voting in Iowa

Iowa is a Voter ID state, make sure to bring one of the following with you to vote: Iowa driver’s license; Iowa voter identification card; Iowa non-operator ID; U.S. military ID or veteran ID; U.S. passport; or tribal ID card/document.

Check your voter registration Am I Registered?

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Elections have consequences

That's why we must elect champions of Public Education.

Whether you're a voter, an organizer or a candidate, ISEA has resources for you to play your part!


Leading in our schools, communities, and state.

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