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Organizing Tools - Pensions

Let's Talk About Pensions
Looking for a way to start the conversation around membership? We’ve created tools and explainers about pensions that you can send to potential members.
Published: July 2023
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How to use this toolkit

  • Learn about pensions and the benefits provided to educators and students.
  • Share our conversation starters to help potential and existing members understand pensions.
  • Use prompts to schedule follow up conversations that deepen relationships and connections.

Understanding Pensions

A traditional pension plan provides retired workers with a steady income stream that is guaranteed for life — unlike 401(k) plans, which offer no guaranteed benefits and are leaving far too many Americans facing a retirement crisis.

Educators who understand their retirement options are better equipped to advocate for the best plans and arrange for the end of their careers. 

NEA’s Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy department (CBMA) helps members defend their retirement security  and advocates for these retirement programs. Working with our state affiliates and numerous allies, we help organize the resistance to coordinated and well-funded attacks on educators’ retirement security.

Spread the Word

Use these prompts to start a conversation with someone following an initial contact. You can also change them a bit and use them to reach out to someone you haven't heard from in a while!

Share these Messages

On Email


It’s <YOURNAME> from <AFFILIATENAME>! It was great meeting you at <EVENTNAME.>I wanted to follow up and share some information about one of my favorite benefits of union membership: pension plans and retirement security. 

Pensions provide educators with a guaranteed, reliable source of income in retirement. They are also a tool to attract and retain qualified, experienced educators to the profession.  

We’ve put together some resources to help you learn more about pensions and the ways our union comes together to protect educators’ retirement security: 

Pensions are just one way our union works to create better schools for educators and students. I’d love to chat with you to talk more about our goals. Are you free sometime in the next few weeks? 

In solidarity, 


P.S. Pass it on! Share these resources with a friend or colleague. 

On Text Message

Hi <FIRSTNAME>, it’s <YOURNAME> from <AFFILIATENAME>! One thing I love about our union is knowing my colleagues and I have secured retirement security. Do you have any questions about pension plans? Check out our explainer here: <LINK>

Share Online

Share these tools on your social media platforms! You can follow up with potential members that like or comment on your posts.

Social Media Messages

On Facebook

All educators deserve the ability to retire with financial security. Learn how pensions can provide a guaranteed, reliable source of income in retirement: <LINK>

On Instagram

Understanding your pension benefit is the first step to planning for your retirement. Click the link in our bio to find expert answers to frequently asked questions on pensions!

Link for Instagram bio: <LINK>

On Twitter

✅Relatively low fees 

✅Asset diversification 

✅Longevity risk pooling 

✅Professional management 

It's no wonder most educators prefer pensions for their retirement plans. Learn more: <LINK>

Download and Share

Print these pension explainers and share them with educators at events, in your staff lounge, and over coffee.

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