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Retired Professionals

Public school retirees can continue their advocacy and benefits of membership in ISEA Retired and NEA-Retired
Wayne Bauman


Members of The ISEA-Retired stay connected with other retired professionals by attending local retired association meetings where we fellowship with other retirees, volunteer with community service and help mentor future generations of education professionals through work like Outreach to Teach. 


  • Opportunities for advocacy and engagement on IPERS, education policy and elections. 

  • Opportunities for election to represent Iowa and ISEA at state and national conferences and on committees and boards.

  • NEA Member Benefits Medicare supplement insurance and long-term care. 

  • Access to NEA Marketplace and ISEA's Retired Review.


Any retired person having qualified for Professional or Educational Support membership who is at least 45 years old is eligible for NEA/ISEA Retired membership. Many persons choose to continue their membership after retirement in order to remain eligible for member benefits programs. In addition, retired members receive publications and many other opportunities to keep in touch with the education world.

More information

For more information, download a copy of the brochure or email Peri Van Tassel at [email protected].



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